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What to Expect After an Exceed Skin Needling Treatment

Following treatment, you can expect some redness and slight swelling around the areas that have been treated. Your skin may feel warm to the touch, like a mild sunburn sensation.
This should last no longer than 48hours.

Three to five days after your Skin Needling procedure you may notice that your skin
becomes a little dry and flaky. This is a normal process as new cells begin to make their
way to the surface to shed off the old.

It is a good idea to return for an enzyme exfoliation and LED or hydrating facial. Peeling cream can be used at home to help the inactive skin cells slough off

  • Avoid direct sun exposure- use an SPF the following day and ongoing Daily
  • Don’t use products containing ‘active ingredients’ (just use your Cleanser and moisturiser the night of and the following day post Treatment)
  • Avoid using makeup directly after the treatment(6-12 hours post is ok To use deco foundation)
  • Avoid exercise or situations that make you sweat for 24 hours ( hot Yoga included)
  • Avoid hot showers or pools the night of your treatment and for 24 hours post treatment (a warm shower is ok)
  • Apply a cooling face mask such as epi nouvelle if required
  • Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!