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About Phoenix

Phoenix is a team of experienced skin and beauty therapists whose aim is to provide you with up to date treatments to enhance and empower you to feel confident in your skin.

Phoenix has been operating in the Beaumaris Concourse since the year 2000. We continue to remain passionate about providing quality treatments and professional advice in a relaxed and hygienic environment.

We prefer healthy, non toxic products to bring out the best in your skin and this is why we love Dermaviduals, Three Warriors, Mother SPF, Olieve & Olie, Vita Sol and Nordic Naturals.


We also use medical grade machinery to bring you the most effective and safest treatments available.

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Why do we love Dermaviduals?

Dermaviduals is a corneotherapeutic skincare range that uses powerful pure ingredients to mimic the skins structure and composition.
Patented technology in the DMS (derma membrane structure) means we are able to
mimic the skins natural barrier to improve your skin barrier and overall health. This is the first step in your Dermaviduals journey.

It is a customisable range so your skincare can be blended specifically for your skins needs. By use of 40 actives we can choose a specific blend for your moisturiser, serum, mask or cleanser.

Dermaviduals is free from emulsifiers, perfumes, preservatives, mineral oil, silicones, dyes and amines. All of which can be harmful to the skin. Our aim is to use pure, gentle yet effective ingredients to bring you the results needed for smooth, clear and glowing skin.
Dermaviduals uses effective delivery systems of liposome and nanoparticles (fluid not
solid so safety is assured) so as to ensure ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin
giving incredible results.